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ACO's website redesigned in 2014 - Illustration of redesigned website on desktop, tablet and phone devices
Last updated September 2014

ACO site re-design

I've just completed a full redesign of the ACO site together with an upgrade to the content management system. The ACO site is now more readable on small screen devices and even easier to maintain.

The original design for this site took place in 2011 using a bespoke content management system (CMS) that I developed to make it simple for clients to update site content.

Since the site was launched, I've been gradually upgrading the functionality of the CMS, notably by making the pages even more search-engine friendly, basing the layout on a responsive framework visible on devices such as tablets and phones, and a system for advertising internal content in attention-grabbing panels on the page.

The ACO site now benefits from all of the features in the latest edition of the CMS and a number of customisations including the ability to sell and manage advertising space to sponsors, and manage charity and corporate membership details.

In addition to the back end features, the site has been visually redesigned to make it easier to read and navigate. Visit www.aco.uk.net to see for yourself

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