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Reminder about domain name contact details - Hand with knot tied to finger
Last updated November 2019

Domain Registration Alert

From 1 January 2014 the governing body for domain name registrations require domain name owners to validate their contact information. Find out how you could be affected by this change, and ensure that your website and email services remain uninterrupted.

ICANN, the governing body for top level domain names, have introduced a requirement to validate registered domain owners contact details on a regular basis. Validation will take the form of an email to the address that you supplied for the registered owner at the time you, or your agents, registered the domain.

The important change to take place is that, if the email sent for verification or any renewal notice bounces, the domain name will be immediately be suspended and placed on 'client hold'. This means that your domain services will no longer operate.

To avoid disruption to your web services, please check that at least the email address contact details registered for your domains are accurate. Additionally, make sure that emails from your registrar are not being filtered by any spam controls.

If your domain is suspended, you should contact your domain registrar and update your contact details to provide a valid email address. Normally, a validation email will be sent so that suspension may be lifted. How this works in practice will vary from one registrar to another.

Please contact me if you are not familiar with your domain's registration and require assistance with updating your contact details.

For more information see:

ICANN WDRP (Whois Data Reminder Policy)

ICANN Registrant Rights Educational

ICANN Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

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